How Does it Work?

Hundreds of millions of children cannot read, write or do basic math. This is a problem we can and must solve.

Organization Mission ✨🚀

elimu.ai's mission is to build innovative learning software that empowers out-of-school children to teach themselves basic reading📖, writing✍🏽 and math🔢.

What Is the Cost? 💵

The learning software is Free and Open Source (FOSS), so that it can be distributed and used at zero cost.

We believe that children everywhere on Earth—regardless of circumstance—should have the opportunity to learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Software Solution 📱

Educational apps and games

A collection of educational apps and games teaches children basic literacy and numeracy in a fun and engaging way.

Technical Solution

Each child can learn fully autonomously, without depending on the availability of qualified teachers.

Learning Platform 🧩

  • The elimu.ai software is a platform of educational content and Android apps/games.
  • Each app/game on the elimu.ai platform is categorized by which literacy/numeracy skill it teaches.

Open Data 📊

  • Collected data is made accessible through public learning analytics dashboards.
  • Each app/game gets ranked based on its demonstrated learning efficiency.

Open Source & Scalable 🌱

  • Customizable, localizable and scalable software makes it possible to add support for more apps and languages to the platform.

Efficient Learning 🧠

  • Each child is provided with a clear instructional path for learning literacy and numeracy as efficiently as possible.
  • The learning software keeps track of the current knowledge level of the child, and adapts the apps and content to best fit the child's current skill level.
  • As a key result, children can teach themselves to read, write and do basic math within 6 months.